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Schotime Dance Center is the newest dance family in Castle Rock, Colorado. Our mission is to provide quality dance education through a supportive atmosphere for all dancers, whether you’ve been dancing for years or are brand new to the world of dance.

We believe in the teaching of proper technique and the joy of performing while encouraging dancers to build confidence and practice teamwork. From Dance With Me classes with your littlest ones to a custom built preschool program, to all of your essentials like tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop and lyrical, and even adult classes. We have something for everybody. We are looking forward to serving the Castle Rock community by sharing our love for dance


Welcome to Schotime Dance Center, Castle Rock’s newest dance experience. Schotime has been a dream long in the making. The short version of the story goes something like this:

As a young girl, Megan would come home from dance class and design her own custom recital playlists on her iPod, thinking up creative themes and dreaming up a cohesive show in her mind where it stayed for years. Later in her youth dance career she competed these routines under the direction of her favorite dance teacher, Lynn Clemence. Lynn’s parents always urged Lynn to open up a studio of her own , but, after years of being a dancer, teacher, choreographer and performer, the stars didn’t align. Then one day, Megan and Lynn had a conversation at the beginning of Covid lockdowns that went something like this:

And indeed, it HAS WORKED. We are so excited to welcome you into our Schotime family. Here, we believe in our strong abilities to train kids and adults in dance technique, musicality and performance quality. But our favorite thing to teach is the confidence, perseverance, team building and work ethic that your child will learn with us, which is so much more valuable to life itself



Have you ever heard the age old question: is dance a sport? We have been asked that many times throughout the years. So, what’s our answer?
At Schotime Dance Center, we believe that dance is an art form. However, we are strong believers that dancers are athletes. Our vision is to shine a spotlight on athletic artistry through the movement of dance. This beautiful, enriching artform is an incredible tool to teach our athletes about body awareness, self-discipline, strength, and teamwork.

Not only that, but we have also witnessed repeatedly how dance can build character, confidence, and friendships.
Through our service of teaching dance, we strive to provide exceptional coaching and leadership to our students. Our vision is to create a community in Castle Rock where everyone can access the magic of dance.


Our mission is to provide quality dance education while nurturing the development of important life skills. We believe in the teaching of proper technique and the joy of performing while encouraging dancers to build confidence and practice teamwork. At Schotime Dance Center, students of all ages and abilities can discover their passion for movement as we shine a spotlight on athletic artistry.


At Schotime Dance Center, we ask our dance community to SCHO UP” up in our 6 Core Values: Support, Confidence, Honesty and Open-Mindedness, Understanding and Passion.


  1. For students, being supportive means being nice and respectful to your teachers and friends, making everyone feel included, and understanding that we all learn at different speeds. It’s about having a positive attitude and wanting to learn and grow together in dance class.
  2. For parents, being supportive entails setting a positive example for their own children as well as others, and offering feedback to studio staff in a courteous and respectful manner.
  3. For employees, being supportive is always having positive things to say about Schotime’s community to students, parents, and the outside community. It entails communicating concerns and suggestions to studio directors to enhance the experiences of students and their families.


  1. For students, confidence means it’s ok to try and fail. It is knowing you’re going to prepare yourself for performances. Being confident helps us improve our self esteem, something that we strive for at Schotime Dance Center.
  2. For parents, confidence lies in the assurance that their child is both physically and emotionally secure in our classes, receiving high-quality training, and entrusting their dance journey to our care.
  3. For employees, confidence stems from knowing that they have the support of their team every step of the way, and from approaching each class with enthusiasm, preparedness, and a consistent level of dedication regardless of its size or level.


  1. For students, honesty is being the best, most true version of yourself. Honesty is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.
  2. For parents, honesty is what we value from you. We welcome and appreciate true honest feedback so we can serve our Schotime community to the best of our abilities.
  3. For employees, honesty is being your true, authentic self while teaching. Honesty is keeping your values at the forefront of your teaching. It’s being honest with your students, who will in turn open up and trust you, creating lasting bonds. 


  1. For students, being open-minded looks like showing up to class ready to learn. It’s working through challenges and always being willing to try new things. It’s always being friendly, inclusive and welcoming to your fellow peers.
  2. For parents, open-mindedness involves trusting in the dance training process and embracing a spirit of inclusivity toward all members of the studio community.
  3. For employees, open-mindedness means welcoming feedback to improve teaching, while fostering a culture of respect and openness among colleagues to enhance the studio’s educational environment.


  1. For students, understanding entails grasping dance technique and vocabulary while also appreciating the journey of learning and improvement. It involves being receptive to instruction and feedback, and actively working towards honing their skills.
  2. For parents, understanding means recognizing that their child’s progress in dance requires commitment and time investment. It involves supporting their child’s journey with patience and encouragement, understanding that growth takes time and dedication.
  3. For employees, understanding is about continually striving for professional growth and development. It involves being open to new teaching methods, seeking feedback from colleagues and mentors, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the studio.


  1. For students, passion is the driving force behind their excitement for dance. It involves a deep love for the art form, expressed through dedication, perseverance, and a desire to excel. Passion fuels their motivation to push boundaries and reach new heights in their dance journey.
  2. For parents, passion is evident in their enthusiasm and support for their child’s involvement in dance. It includes nurturing an environment where their child’s love for dance can flourish and actively participating in their dance experiences with genuine interest and encouragement.
  3. For employees, passion is the spark that ignites their teaching and inspires their students. It involves infusing each class with energy, creativity, and enthusiasm, and sharing their love for dance in a way that inspires and motivates their students to reach their full potential.


Our staff at Schotime Dance Center is a team of accredited and friendly humans
who have a wide range of skills they can share with our students.

Dance Teachers in Castle Rock, CO

Megan Schobert

Co-Founder, Owner
Dance Teachers in Castle Rock, CO

Lynn Clemence

Co-Founder, Executive Director
Dance Teachers in Castle Rock, CO

Joe Schobert

Athletic Artistry Coach, Owner
Dance Teachers in Castle Rock, CO

Kevin Clemence

Graphic Designer and Video Creator