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Schotime Dance Center is excited to announce the Encore Competition Team for dancers 6 and up. We want to train dancers to become technically sound and successful, but we also believe that there is more to a competition team than ‘going for the trophy’. The entire experience of training on a competition dance team is life training- team work, team bonding, team supporting, team responsibility and team friendship will be just as important as team training and team performing.

Competition Team is a year long commitment, starting in July and completing with either the annual recital or Nationals competition. As well a minimum of 3- 30 minute group rehearsals per week, dancers above the age of 9 are required to take Ballet, Ballet Tech, Athletic Artistry, StretchTime and Tricks and Technique classes, although attendance in additional multiple styles is highly recommended to increase skill, ability, performance quality and overall knowledge of their craft.

The team will travel to 3 regional competitions per season and one convention.

Inquire to train with our award-winning choreographers today!

Contact info@schotimedancecenter or 720-446-9676 to book a private audition or to find out more.


Our brand new Schostoppers Performing Company is designed for dancers 6 and up who desire to perform in more opportunities aside from the annual year end show. Inquire to be one of the first members to join the Company, where we will find local venues for your child to entertain. We hope to bring energetic, family friendly entertainment to the local community including parades, festivals, nursing homes, events and more! Your child will not only become a trained performer, but also gain confidence, boost their dancing skills and create long lasting friendships along the way. Contact info@schotimedancecenter or 720-446-9676 to find out more today.