Tricks and Technique

Dance Classes Castle Rock, CO

Full class programs for older youth dancers

Students will go more in depth with each individual style to become knowledgeable and skilled in the chosen genre. We offer our core of essentials which are Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lyrical/Contemporary, Tricks/Technique and Athletic Artistry.


The sky is the limit!

Our specialty Tricks and Technique class pairs well with our Athletic Artistry class, where you get to apply your strength and athleticism!

In Tricks and Technique, you can expect to learn and work on new and exciting tricks such as leaps, jumps, turns, and even some Acro. But you guessed it, we will also work on the important technique needed to safely accomplish these tricks. Tricks and Technique is an essential for any dancer wishing to be the best dancer they can be.

What to Wear for Tricks and Technique

Form fitting dancewear. Hair pulled off of face. Specific jazz shoes. See the rest of our dress code here.