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Year-Round Dancing


At Schotime Dance Center, we are strong believers in a year-round dance education as an option for students who are dedicated and passionate to dance. Traditionally, dance schools around the country follow a school year season from August/September through May/June. At Schotime, our classes still culminate in an end-of-school-year recital, but run year-round to allow your dancer to enjoy the benefits of continuous coaching and improvement. 

Benefits of Our Year-Round Dancing Program (“The Scho-Pass”) Include:

  1.  Maintain your hard earned skills. If you don’t use it, you lose it. Similarly to the academic classroom, the skills you worked so hard on for the fall season may not be as easily accessible when you return from a long break. An entire summer without dancing can significantly set a performer back on skills learned throughout the dance year, causing the dancer’s improvement to be slower. Taking classes throughout the summer will help a dancer maintain technical skills developed throughout the year.
  2. See Tremendous Improvement. Placement for leveled classes is dependent on technique, not time. If your goal is to advance in your favorite style of dance quickly, use summer classes as an opportunity to begin working at a new level two to three months earlier than the traditional-dance-season dancer. This addition of a full two to three months of dancing experience dramatically improves the body and mind connection. Continuous training also provides a dancer with more in-depth training. It also opens up increased opportunities compared to dancers who pause over the summer.
  3. Pay a one-time registration fee. For good. Most dance studios require a registration fee each year. At Schotime, pay a one-time registration fee to originally register your student, but then never pay that again since you never have to re-register!
  4. Change classes at any time with ease. Keep your schedule intact by not having to rearrange your schedule to fit your new class days and times with the seasons. Try out new classes or take away classes at your convenience as long as it’s before the next billing cycle. By being a Scho-Pass member you have priority registration and secure placement in popular classes.
  5. Stay on top of injury prevention: Just like any sport, staying in shape is essential. Practicing consistent technique, flexibility, and strength helps prevent injuries and maintain overall physical health. Dancers who continue to dance through the summer get regular physical fitness and stretching and are less likely to experience strains and sprains that could derail their dance training.