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Amanda Boman


Birthday: October 7

3 Phrases to Describe my Dance Background are:

1. I have such a deep passion for the world of dance. With over 35 years of dedicated practice and a formal education in dance, I find so much joy in sharing my expertise as an instructor at Schotime Dance Center.

2. I run the adult Jazzercise program at Schotime! I owned three successful franchises of Jazzercise in Reno, Nevada before I moved to Castle Rock and opened one here. I’m committed to supporting others in the process of finding their strength, confidence, wellbeing- not just on the dance floor but everyday! See our schedule and try a class by visiting here or emailing

3. I’m a musical theater lover at heart! My favorite shows I’ve ever done have to be either Oklahoma or Legally Blonde. I love sharing my musical theater knowledge with Schotime!

Teaches: Jazzercise, SchoKids

Fun Fact: I am a licensed realtor!

When not at Schotime…you can find me enjoying time and keeping busy with my amazing husband and three kids!