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Schotime Dance Center encourages ongoing year-round dancing for consistency in training and most likely improvement. By purchasing a Scho-Pass, you will become a member which means you’ll have access to

New students are invited to get started with a $10 trial class. View our class programs below and contact Schotime Dance Center (720-446-9676) or to discuss any questions you may have. Alternatively, click on the program you’re interested in to sign up online.


Once you click on the Join Us button, you will be redirected to our software program, ClassKid, where you can sign up for one of our Dance programs. When you sign up with a portal through ClassKid, you will be able to pay for via credit card. Scho-Pass memberships are automatically renewed and billed the 1st of every month. Purchasing a Scho-Ticket is just a one-time purchase. After signing up, look out for a welcome email from us Schotime!

No, our young students are not required to be potty trained. At Schotime Dance Center, we believe in developmentally appropriate curriculum and practices, and recognize that children grow and learn at their own pace. Potty training is a skill that requires developmental readiness, plus a lot of practice. However, since we are not a childcare facility, we are not licensed to change diapers or more than minorly assist students in the bathroom. If your child isn’t potty trained yet or in the process of potty training, we recommend staying in the lobby or close by for the duration of class time, and we will ask the caregiver to assist the child if needed.

Dancely is preschool program that provides exercise, education and entertainment through original music, dance and movement for children under the age of 6. You might hear about it at Schotime quite frequently because we are a Dancely Licensed Studio. Miss Megan was cast as a Dancely instructor so you will definitely see her in Dancely videos!

We have a no-hassle cancellation policy. Simply complete the member cancellation form on our website to request your membership be cancelled for the upcoming school term. No further payments will be taken. Please allow 14 days for your cancellation to be processed.

Absolutely. As much as we love watching your child’s progress, as parents we know it means even more to be able to watch your own child progress! Our studios have viewing windows where you have the option to watch your child’s love for dance. We also have designated watching weeks in our schedule where we welcome family inside the studio so your dancer has the opportunity to routinely perform in front of an audience.

Of course! Part of our mission is to instill a joy for performing. Our Scho-Pass memberships culminate in an end-of-year recital, complete with costumes and the entire performing experience. For more performance opportunities, check out our SchoStoppers performing company, who regularly performs at local venues and events.

We believe in year-round dancing for many reasons such as seeing improvements faster, maintaining hard worked skills, and staying on top of injury prevention. However, there are even more benefits to our year-round program than that. Read about the importance of year-round dancing here.

Yes! At Schotime Dance Center, we recognize that families are BUSY with loads of activities! Purchase a Scho-Ticket and drop in when you can! Blackout dates and certain restrictions apply. Click HERE for more details.

We have a no-hassle cancellation policy. Simply complete the member cancellation form on our website to request your membership be cancelled for the next billing cycle. No further payments will be taken. Please allow 14 days for your cancellation to be processed.

No, unfortunately we are unable to freeze accounts. Should you wish to take a break and resume in a couple months, you will need to re-pay the $50 registration fee. We are strong believers in year-round dancing. Read more benefits of year-round dancing HERE.

As a Scho-Pass member you not only get discounted dance tuition, but you receive an All-Access pass with monthly bonus content, ranging from bonus exercises and dance videos, to crafts, playlists and reading lists. Scho-Pass members perform at our annual recital, which we spend countless hours creating that experience for! By being a member, you only pay a 1 time $50 registration fee, meaning you don’t need to pay an annual registration fee each year like most other studios! Additionally, you will receive a welcome box, welcoming you into our dance family ($50 value!)

Membership fees cover the cost of studio and dressing room use, and regular classes. Extra payments cover the cost of costumes, photography and videography, performance venues and more.

At Schotime Dance Center, it is very important to be dressed appropriately for each dance class you take. Just like you wouldn’t wear a tutu to soccer practice, we would prefer you save your soccer uniform for the field! Likewise, the same thing you wear to jazz class may not be appropriate for ballet class. Dressing appropriately gives dancers confidence. It helps teachers better see body lines so they can help you become the best dancer you can be. One of our goals with our dress code is to be inclusive of all skin tones. Read more about our dress code here.