Dance Classes Castle Rock, CO

Full class programs for older youth dancers 

Students will go more in depth with each individual style to become knowledgeable and skilled in the chosen genre. We offer our core of essentials which are Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lyrical/Contemporary, Tricks/Technique and Athletic Artistry. 


Get your toes tapping!

Utilizing musicality, rhythm and syncopation, tap is an exciting form of dance that will help the brain learn and memorize complex sequences. Dancers can expect to learn proper terminology and technique while building stamina and learning how to make, listen to and interpret music. Practicing this style of dance is also a great way to incorporate lots of movement and agility into your routine without even realizing! Classes are designed to suit your ability and are always enjoyable.

What to Wear for Tap

Any style dance wear. No loose ankle pants. Hair up and away from face. Specific tap shoes. See the rest of our dress code here.