Dance Classes Castle Rock, CO

Full class programs for older youth dancers 

Students will go more in depth with each individual style to become knowledgeable and skilled in the chosen genre. We offer our core of essentials which are Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Lyrical/Contemporary, Tricks/Technique and Athletic Artistry. 


Experience the energy of jazz! 

Jazz is a popular and dynamic style of dance that emphasizes strength, stretching, rhythm and the foundations of ballet. This style is enjoyable for any dancer who wants to get moving and loves jamming out to fun, upbeat music! Students will work on their technical applications of leaps, jumps, tricks and turns through center floor work and progressions. They will also learn enjoyable choreography to continue their development of movement quality. As ballet technique is essential to jazz technique, enrollment in ballet class is required.

What to Wear for Jazz

Jazz shorts or leggings and a form fitted top, cami, leotard, tank or crop. Tights optional. Hair up and out of face. Specific jazz shoes, OR Slim-fitting clothes you can move in, such as joggers, shorts, t-shirts, tanks, etc. See the rest of our dress code here.