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Joe Schobert

Athletic Artistry Coach, Owner

Birthday: November 6th

3 Phrases to Describe my Dance Background are:

1. Megan and I have been together since high school, so I’ve watched countless hours of her dance performances and have listened to the same songs hundreds of times as she choreographs at home. Yep, you read that right. Hundreds. Of. Times.

2. I’ve scored a defensive touchdown in the NFL and it brought disappointment to my wife as I did not dance in the endzone to celebrate.

3. I have been known to show off my own dance moves from time to time. My favorite dance move is the moon-walk and I plan to host contests at Schotime for the best moon-walk. If you’re reading this and think you have a great moon-walk, show me at Schotime and I may have a special prize for you!

Fun fact: I have made over 600 tackles in the NFL and have lots of experience working with professional athletes. I know what it takes to become a professional, and dancers are no exception to that caliber of athlete. I’m helping with the programming at Schotime to incorporate exercises, conditioning and injury prevention to give dancers tools they need to become the best athlete they can be. And yes, football players can take ballet too!

When not at Schotime Dance Center, you can find me fly fishing in the mountains, making tackles in the NFL, or hanging with my family

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