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Maddie Harty


Birthday: May 8

3 Phrases to Describe my Dance Background are:

1. I started dancing at age 3, dancing competitively at age 7, assistant teaching at age 14, and teaching/choreographing at age 18! I have grown up in dance studios, performing in The Nutcracker, competing across the midwest, receiving full scholarships for dance camps, leading an organization of 100 dancers in college, and choreographing routines virtually.

2. Performing is my passion; I love feeling the energy between fellow dancers and the audience. I got to flex my creative muscles in choreographing 10 routines for a University of Wisconsin-Madison dance organization, winning awards for most creative choreography and powerhouse entertainment.

3. Dance has brought me so many lifelong friendships and instilled in me endless valuable life lessons. Lynn was my choreographer in high school, choreographing all of my solos and pushing me to new styles, and Megan and I danced together growing up and in college!

Teaches: Ballet/lyrical, tap, adult classes, dancer conditioning

Fun fact:
I am a licensed group fitness instructor and have been teaching various group fitness formats for 7 years! One of my favorite classes I taught was a glow in the dark Zumba class for 150 people.

When not at Schotime dancing, … I am learning! Besides being a full-time graduate student at DU, I love to read, go to museums, and explore what Colorado has to offer.

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