Carlee Castillo

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Carlee Castillo


Birthday: July 7

3 Phrases to Describe my Dance Background are:

1. I started dancing when I was 3, appearing in performance company shows from The Nutcracker to Peter Pan. At 16, I began teaching and choreographing. My love for dance continued throughout my studies at Colorado College, where I consistently co-choreographed and led fellow students in learning routines for our school’s Dance Workshop.

2. Inclusivity is also vital to my dance and teaching career. Since age 13, I have been involved as a partner with Colorado’s Special Olympics through Unified Sports. Schotime’s adaptive dance class allows everyone the opportunity to express themselves and exemplifies the studio’s and my own commitment to inclusion!

3. Dance has led me to some of my greatest friends and fostered some of the most meaningful relationships in my life. I feel so lucky to have grown up in such healthy studio environments and strive to ingrain those messages in my own teachings. Dance creates community, confidence, and compassionate individuals inside and outside the studio!

Teaches: Ballet, Tap, Lyrical, Jazz

Fun fact:
In addition to dance, I have a deep love for literature and writing. I recently graduated from Colorado College with an English major and journalism minor. I hope to further my education even more!

When not at Schotime… you can find me picking up new hobbies! I also enjoy reading, crocheting, painting, baking, and am always eager to try new things.