NFL linebacker’s wife opening dance studio in Castle Rock

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Megan Schobert wasn’t fazed when her husband, NFL linebacker Joe Schobert, was released from
the Denver Broncos last month, just eight days after he joined the team as an injury replacement.
“Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. But I’ve been used to the constant ‘you never know’ feeling that
comes with having a husband in the NFL,” Schobert told BusinessDen. “You get wrenches thrown
at you left and right, and it’s just another day in the NFL.”

The Schoberts, who were high school sweethearts, moved to the Denver area and found their forev-
er home after the last NFL season.

It had been their dream to move to the mountains since they were kids, and it just so happened to
work out that Joe was recruited by the Broncos to replace injured Jonas Griffith. He was able to
play in one preseason game against the Buffalo Bills, but was released shortly after so the Broncos
could shorten their roster.
Schobert isn’t letting the change of plans crush her dreams, though.

She is getting ready to open SchoTime Dance Center in October with her business partner and for-
mer high school dance teacher Lynn Clemence in Castle Rock.

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